Onuma (Hokkaido)
When you think of ideal places for CE-5 Contact, landscapes like the ones found in Hokkaido-the Northernmost island of Japan come immediately to mind. Our initial events were in the Sapporo area, and with the support of various locals then branched out to Furano, Niseko (famous ski resort area) and eventually Hakodate.
Onuma Park is located just 30 miles from the Hokkaido’s southern city of Hakodate and is home to the impressive volcano Mt. Komagatake, which sits along a large and scenic lake. In Hokkaido, all of the main cities offer easy access to such outdoor wilderness and Onuma Park was the site of a 2-night, 3-day CE-5 contact retreat in the fall of 2018. The soft energy of the land was unforgettable and contact near the field site was also experienced by the entire group.

Hirosaki (Aomori Prefecture)
Aomori Prefecture is home to several legends, local psychics (Itako, )and power spots famous to those across Japan. Our first event was there in 2016, and after amazing contact we have been back every year since then. Our main supporter lives in Hirosaki, in the western half of the prefecture, and home to Mt. Iwaki the site of our second CE-5 event. From there we had events in nearby locations and on the Pacific Ocean side of Aomori in Hachinohe city, where the site was a famous garden-like green lawn right on the coast. Truly a gem of the Far North Tohoku region, Aomori’s spirits have supported us all along the way.

Mt. Zao (Miyagi Prefecture)
Mt. Zao is a truly spectacular sight to enjoy. The volcanic geopark is completely lunar in feeling, at the same time being easily accessible by car. There are hiking trails around the Okama crater and the scenic highway that leads up to the mountain-top volcano park connects Miyagi Prefecture to Yamagata Prefecture.
Starting on the Miyagi side in 2013, we have done 3 overnight events there in total, with one on the western slope of the mountain at a ski resort on the Yamagata Prefecture side as well. The tranquil vibes of the land and people in the regions north of Tokyo are always a welcome break from the city, and the clear and dry night skies provide excellent conditions for doing CE-5 work too.

Ushidake (Toyama Prefecture)
Toyama is JCETI’s 2nd physical and spiritual home ground in Japan. From Day 1 of our first visit, we connected with members who are still now a part of our core team. It is also home to the largest peaks in the Northern Japan Alps as well, making it a similar to a Colorado of Japan. The Ushidake ski resort is one of our local favorites and has been the site of countless successful CE-5 events. The view from the field at the base of the summit chair lift station is perfect as the city lights are cut from view when seated, but when standing you have spectacular view out across Toyama city and to the Japan Sea beyond. Our other unforgettable overnight retreats have been at the base of Tateyama- the main alpine tourist location in the North Alps. With views right out of a Swiss magazine, the ETs pulled out all the stops for our remote contact work time and time again.

Yatsugadake (Yamanashi/Nagano Prefectures)
The Eight Peaks region or Yatsugadake area is a short 2.5 hours by train from the heart of Tokyo. In various decades past, it has been the resort playground of celebrities, artists, politicians, and also various spiritual groups. With a plethora of hotels, hot springs, and amenities, it is a great place for contact as well. Our main site of 2 is in Nobeyama-just next to a JAXA (Japanese NASA) parabolic radar antenna array. This area provides a great balance of nature and culture all while being within 3 hours of Tokyo proper. This was also ancient Jomon-era land, and the spirits of the pre-historic Japanese often appear at our site too. As with Aomori, many ruins and relics from the Jomon period have been unearthed here.

Hongu (Wakayama Prefecture)
Hongu is one of the most Shinto places in all of Japan. Our visits here began with a screening of the Sirius film at a temple. And the awe-inspiring forests and rivers then became a natural place to do contact work from there. The scale of the mountains and coastline far outsize any neighboring area, and this made it perfect for shugendo or the practice of esoteric Buddhist training in nature. More than 4 hours by train from Osaka station, the starry skies and mysterious forest provide a superb back-drop for CE-5 work.

Yame (Fukuoka Prefecture)
Fukuoka is the largest prefect on Kyushu, the Southwestern most of the 4 main islands of Japan. Since 2003, I have lived here on and off and this was the stage that provided the start to JCETI in late 2009. Like Boston is to New England, a short drive from Fukuoka-city gives access to all range of historic sites, hiking in National Parks and natural playgrounds. Yame is in Southern Fukuoka Prefecture and is one of the top three producers of green tea domestically. The low-lying mountains and hillisides were excellent test areas for our early CE-5 field work, and we had countless outings in this and surrounding areas. Dozens of people had their first real ET contact experience at this site, and it will forever be our first ‘home ground’.

Kuju (Kumamoto/Oita Prefectures)
The Aso-Kuji National Park is a huge national park that crosses two prefectures in central Kyushu Island. Just a 2.5 hour drive from our main JCETI HQ in Fukuoka-city this is the land of Range Rover commercial-level scenery. The views across the lovely rolling highlands look many times like you were in Stonehenge-area England rather than rural Japan. This is also the world’s largest volcanic caldera as well, and the site of very active ET contact. In the 3 years leading up to the large Kumamoto Earthquake in 2017, we had jaw-dropping lights on the ground that were filmed with my night vision scope. This was all work that led to the culmination of even scientists being baffled at some of the anomalies in the way the ground shifted after the earthquake. We got the clear message that the ships were working to reduce the impact and damage from far in advance of the actual earthquake itself. See our Youtube channel for a full video report on this entire episode.

Unzen (Nagasaki Prefecture)
A very historical area roughly 2 hours by car from Nagasaki. The most well-known aspect being the mountainous hot spring resort culture. While the main volcano is still active (most recently erupting in the late ‘90s) and access to the summit is restricted, there are a handful of sites we location hunted for and have had great results at. The austere vibe of this quiet retreat area provides an excellent back-drop for some alpine CE-5 field work. This was also the training site for Buddhist monks like in Hongu, Wakayama.

Kouri Island (Okinawa Prefecture)
A place by legend where the Gods descended to Earth in ancient times. This small island right off the Northwestern coast of the main island of Okinawa was the site of our first CE-5 event in the area. That night was the first night after the end of the rain y season and over 30 people joined us on our beach field site. Like the Hawaii of Japan, the soft energies of the Southern Islands and the gorgeous starry skies make this some of Japan’s best places for contact. It is also widely recognized that Okinawa itself is the site of part of the Lemurian continent.

Ishigaki Island (Okinawa Prefecture)
Ishigaki Island- set far off from the main islands of Japan’s archipelago is JCETI’s 3rd home base of operation in Japan. From day one of this island wonderland, I received the warm welcome from the local spirit guides, gods, and ETs alike. This is the place we have experienced the most continually mind-blowing and direct ET contact in our career. The contact is world-class and this was also sight of an ongoing 3 year plus Ascension project with the ETs. A super-ancient landscape that dates back to ancient Mu, which was a pre-Lemurian advanced civilization.