Onuma (Hokkaido)

When you think of ideal places for CE-5 Contact, landscapes like the ones found in Hokkaido-the Northernmost island of Japan come immediately to mind. Our initial events were in the Sapporo area, and with the support of various locals then branched out to Furano, Niseko (famous ski resort area) and eventually Hakodate.
Onuma Park is located just 30 miles from the Hokkaido’s southern city of Hakodate and is home to the impressive volcano Mt. Komagatake, which sits along a large and scenic lake. In Hokkaido, all of the main cities offer easy access to such outdoor wilderness and Onuma Park was the site of a 2-night, 3-day CE-5 contact retreat in the fall of 2018. The soft energy of the land was unforgettable and contact near the field site was also experienced by the entire group.