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JCETI Website

JCETI (Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intellectual) is an organization that conducts workshops such as CE-5 contacts and UFO disclosures to disseminate scientific understanding of ETI.

Contents Share site

We will develop disclosures in Japan, publish information content about UFO / ET sighting experiences, free energy, anti-gravity propulsion technology, etc. and share it with this activity to bring new space civilization to humanity.


It was created to seek the full disclosure of confidential information that has been concealed, to unravel the nature of the problem in detail, to save the Earth's crisis, and to promote its actions for humanity, among them Japan.

ECETI Mt.Adams Tour Website

Introducing the world's largest power spot, the sacred site of Native American, the Mount Adams Retreat Center in Washington, USA, the website of James Gililand's films, and the contents of a one week contact tour.

Hologram Mind

The HP of this book "Hologram. Mind" for recognizing the multidimensional existence and becoming conscious of the multidimensional existence, not the three-dimensional restrictive conscious state, but the subject of one's own energy field.

Sirius Special site

This documentary film shows us the truth about extraterrestrial beings and the whole picture of the person who hides this information for the purpose of suppressing humanity in four themes.

ET SPI Online

The first system to support the complete "Light Worker" and "Star Seed"! Advanced Ascension Support has become online schooling as a leading tool.Course: Intention Introduction, Star Seed Survival