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Take a look at all the places where we have had mind-blowing ET contact events.


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See what we have been up to all this time. Localizing premium documentaries from the West, and helping to spread the word about ET Disclosure and benevolent ET Contact. Woohoo!


We have picked up a thing or two along the way regarding contact,ascension,etc. Now to start finally be able to share this stuff with all of you! Boy it feels weird to finally speak about all of this in English! Haha.

What is JCETI

One of the first full-time independent CE-5 research efforts
JCETI (Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
JCETI was founded in 2010 by Gregory Sullivan, an American who lives full time in Japan. After five years of learning the language and the culture, Greg moved back to his home in the New York City area, for what he thought was for good.
After just a year and a half of being back in the US, Greg’s soul contract kicked into high gear, and he was guided to return to Japan in 2010 with 1 laser pointer, the CSETI Working Group Manual, and two walkie talkies. Now in 2019, JCETI has hosted over 450 contact events across Japan, with participants totaling over 5000 people.
Starting with CE-5 gatherings in Western Japan, word quickly spread and collaborations with several established spiritual groups and communities were to follow. In 2013, JCETI translated the Japanese subtitles for the film SIRIUS, and released an official Japanese DVD in 2014. Following that was the release of documentaries ‘Contact Has Begun’ and ‘Unacknowledged’ in 2019. Through a nationwide tour of screening events of these groundbreaking titles, the Japanese public finally became more aware of Disclosure, and the implications for benevolent ET contact. Tours to the ECETI Ranch in Washington, USA have also become a staple part of JCETI’s yearly schedule. And it was at ECETI that Greg had his first major contact experience in 2007.
JCETI remains one of the first and largest organized CE-5 contact efforts outside of CSETI network doing large scale overnight workshops one regular basis.

Gregory Sullivan


Greg Sullivan is a researcher, author, experiencer, and musician who lives in Japan and coordinates JCETI. The Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is a research organization currently working to expand awareness about positive human futures, ET Disclosure and benevolent ET contact in Japan. Since 2010, JCETI has led a new wave of ET contact and Ascension work in Japan.  Greg has been active in Japanese TV and print media for more than 10 years. His publications include four books in Japanese, several appearances in well-known spiritual magazines ’Star People’ and ‘Anemone’, and a monthly series of articles in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s IHM World.In the US, JCETI contributed a chapter in the anthology “Paths to Contact” and he has a book in English forthcoming in early 2019. He has also been a long-time guest on ECETI’s As You Wish Radio, and The Hundredth Monkey Radio. His English book debut is scheduled for summer/fall of 2019.



Books, Magazines, Localized Films


The one that started it all. 2013 was one of the most powerful years of growth and transformation thanks to the release of this seminal documentary. We did over 2 years of screenings, and an official Japan DVD which has recently been re-issued. Many thanks to the NEL team for their support as well.

Contact Has Begun

Contact Has Begun

Official Japan version released in 2016. This is a great documentary about the place my journey first began- the ECETI Ranch in Washington, USA. Special bonus footage and interviews were included and the film was fully overdubbed by the pros in Fukuoka. A year of screening events helped spread the word about James Gilliland and his unique take on ET Contact.



Official Japan DVD released in 2019. This included a complete re-translation from the version on Netflix, and 3 bonus video clips. A true Disclosure power-house of a documentary film.


2016 Japan release

JCETI was the broker for the publication of the classic 2001 book for its Japan release. Over 600 pages of witness testimony madness. Having this record will be a stable reference for the many coming on board to this topic in the years to come.
The information was boycotted from Japan until 2013 and our release of Sirius.

You Too Can Make ET Contact

My solo book debut in Japan. Timing nicely with the release of SIRIUS in the spring of 2013. This was a good mix of related information, my journey, and our CE-5 contact work in Japan.

Ascension Guide

My 4th book release in Japan, and best work until this date. A workbook and reference for our Ascension workshop as well as easy-to-follow read for those new to the subject. We were able to balance some very advanced material into quite digestible content in this book. Also includes 4 exercises for self-practice. This material will be featured in our English online course- Energetic Self Mastery as well.

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